Friday, February 23, 2018

I'm back sharing bits and bobs

It's been so long since I have blogged, and I have so missed it.  The reason is that 2 years ago my laptop stopped working. Instead of buying another, I was talked into (by a Telstra person) into buying an ipad.
Well, I have liked the ipad for many things especially the wonderful photographs it takes as well as conveniently small to carry around.  The downside is, whenever I try to write  a blog post,it jumps all over the place and takes me hours and hours to write only one post.
So frustrating,so I had to put blogging on hold for a while.
The good news is that my daughter got my laptop fixed as part of my birthday present back in September last year,but unfortunately I couldn't get it to attach to the internet connection.
I have now decided to call in an expert to see if it can be connected.

Meanwhile I am writing this on my ipad,so won't attempt too many  photo's at this stage as that is the hard part on here.
Just thought I would let you know. I will  also make the time to pay you all a visit as I have so missed all the inspiration I got from the visits.

Most of my time is taken up sewing and embroidering little smocked dresses and rompers. I just love it and completely lose track of time when I get into my sewing room.

My other passion is the garden. It's really becoming quite full. I favour cottage gardens and love when things pop up now and then when I least expect it. Most i haven't planted. The seeds get dropped by the many birds that visit to taste the sweet nectre of the hibiscus or fuchsia, especially the honey eaters.
My favourite tree is the native hibiscus which has the most beautiful mauve flowers in profusion.

2 years ago,my Grandson gave me a cutting from a Dragon fruit. It took off quite quickly.  Last year
 I got one fruit which was so exciting. Last week to our amazement three of the most beautiful
Flowers appeared. Our Grandson told us that we were so lucky to get a photo because they only last a half hour or so. Such a shame.
This year instead of buying veggie seedlings which don't always produce, I decided to collect my own from what we eat. So far the best tomato plants came from those seeds. Neither of the two plants I bought did very well and only produced half a dozen tomatoes.

My other favourite pastime which I only took up late  last year, is cake decorating. Ive always enjoyed baking and seem to have been nominated to be the family cake maker. My Grandchildren call me Nanny cupcake ha ha ha.
I am enjoying getting together with my friend every Monday to practice the decorating. So far we got an order from my Granddaughters friends mother for two dozen cupcakes. We were so proud of our effort and was praised but the receiver of them, she thought them so pretty and tasted delicious.

I think I had better not take on any more hobbies. I could never fit them in if I did LoL

I'm now going to attempt some photographs but we won't hold our breath as it's getting quite late and if I want to finish this post tonight I had better get started.


Well I think I finally managed a few photo's without it taking hours,but they still jump around. Not sure why so I won't worry too much as I may just have my laptop up and running by next post.

I am now going to visit a few favourite blogs to get more inspiration. Happy blogging
Xx jeanette ann 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Spring here at last

Spring is here at last,although still cold and wet I can feel and sense it in the air. Sunday is going to be 25 and sunny. Can't wait for tea in the garden,roses blooming and scents and smells of herbs and Spring flowers.
We have spent Winter decorating the house from front to back. It's been hectic with the painter in, mess everywhere,but it's just about finished thank goodness. So pleased with it all. Just waiting for our new curtains to be finished and nearly done.

I had my first attempt at laying tiles. Admittedly it was only capping tiles but am so proud of myself. I painted the whole bathroom and came up with the idea of painting half wall burgundy with pencil capping tiles. I am so pleased with the result.

I bought a crystal chandelier off the internet but am so disappointed with it. Apart from paying too much for it,it's not in the condition it should have been for the price. You know how it is,falling in love with all the droplets and sparkle only to find it isn't in good working order. The electrician said it would be far cheaper to buy a new one than fix it. Oh well lesson learned.

I have been sewing my little smocked dresses too and knitting little cardigans to match,just like Princess Charlottes,isn't she the cutest in her smocked dresses and cardigans.

I have a new hobby too, cake decorating. For my recent birthday my friend and I who get together at her home once a week and practice, made all the cup cakes. We were so pleased with them as we even made all the flowers for the decoration.

Needless to say they didn't last long with the family over. They took home a little parcel too.

We are planning the next batch now for my Grandsons birthday. I don't think it will be roses though.

Also I have decided to keep the crystal chandelier and put it up in  the sunroom. I'll post pics when its done. I also bought 2 new chandeliers today from Recolections. I am so pleased with them. I bought them to put up in the hallway. They don't have drops but I managed to purchase on Ebay 4 mtrs of crystals which I will attach to them. More pics of them to to come. The electrician is coming this week to install them. Can't wait.Almost done.

I am going to find time to visit my favourite blogs today
Happy week x jeanette ann

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Spending time doing what you love

Autumn is still warm even though we are into the second month.
It's more like Spring and the garden is still blooming and looking so pretty.
To me, Autumn is cooler days and cold nights. Leaves turning golden on the trees and walks in the park scrunching them under your feet. But not this year,it's feels so strange.  Will we get Winter I wonder.

I spend my days doing all the things I love.
I love this time of year when one can spend time indoors or out whichever takes our fancy.

 We are so lucky in South Australia. We don't really suffer too many extremes like other parts of the country. Queensland is experiencing such terrible weather patterns, Cyclones and now floods.

I thought I would share some of the things I have made recently

A smocked romper. It was so difficult to apply poppers. They look so easy but very difficult to line up. I prefer buttons next time.


A little pink dress

Don't you just love it when you can just enjoy creating. One of my favourite pastimes is sewing baby clothes,especially smocking and embroidery.
Princess Charlotte is always dressed in smocked dresses,they are so sweet. It's nice to see little girls dressed like little girls.

I like to spend time in the veggie patch. It's not easy to grow organically. There is always something around that like to devour whatever is in abundance,like my little baby squash. I'm afraid I didn't get to pick any,we had a few rats who liked them. Ugggh you might say Rats,but yes we do live near a river and we do get them.

I also love to bake, bread is so therapeutic to make. Getting that lovely warm dough smooth,lovely to handle. Love it

Throwing in a few olives or sultanas and you have lovely gourmet bread. So good

Well I'm off to check out a few linky parties and favourite blogs.

See you soon. Happy week
Jeanette ann 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

bits and bobs around home

I love pottering around in my sewing room and as I have collected an awful lot of scraps from the Christening gowns I have made, I decided to create some small items to use them up.

Bridal favours seemed the best choice along with some dolls blankets and baby bibs.

TheWeather has been so hot even though we are well into the first month of Autumn. The  garden doesnt know it's Autumn so keeps on blooming.

 This is our Dragon fruit with its first fruit.

The beans keep producing too

I will be visiting some of my favourite blogs today. See you there xx jeanette ann

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Keeping busy inside during a heat wave

We are in the very midst of an awful heat wave. Over 40c every day this week. It's a bit hard to take even though we have aircon. The garden is taking a beating we have lost some veggies and some of the flower seedlings I planted a few weeks ago.
I always make my own bread but it is too hot to put the oven on. I decided to try making the bread and fruit cakes in the Webber Q not knowing how it would turn out.
I could only fit 1 loaf at a time in the BBQ so it took a while but everything came out lovely.

I love kneading the dough,it's warm and moulds under your hands and very meditating. I'm going to try a custard tart in the BBQ tomorrow,I found a recipe on Pinterest for a no crust custard tart,my hubbies favourite.
I also want to try homemade pizza too.
Our son bought us the Webber Q last year but we haven't used it much as we don't have anywhere to put it under cover. They recomend it not to be outside exposed to the wet weather,but not to be used inside only under a carport or covered pergola.   With the heatwave now in full swing we can leave it outside so it's getting lots of use and practice.

I also managed to get a few more squares done to add to my quilt. At least being stuck inside gets the jobs done.
I have this quilt on the bottom of the bed,but meant to make it the size of the whole bed but never got that far. I am determined to finish it this year at least.

Thats it for today now to visit some favourite blogs and linky parties and some new ones. The links are on my side bar
Hope you have a lovely day
xx jeanette ann 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Sewing room reveal

Good Morning blogger friends.
Well after a very tiring day decorating yesterday,I can now reveal the finished sewing room.
We were going to get the experts in to paint,but our lovely son said he would do it. He's a school teacher and on school break.  Hubby and I got into it too. Thank goodness I didn't have to cut in on top of a ladder 3.5 mtrs up. Hubby stood precariously up there a few times but after me nagging mmm I mean asking him not too,he relented and left it to the more fit younger one.
It took all day and I did I must say enjoy sitting on the floor painting the skirting boards, a more delicate task and kept the drinks and eats flowing.

I am so pleased with the end result,it's so fresh and as hubby says, it's probably the last time it will get  done. He thinks (or hopes) sometimes he forgets how impulsive I can be like painting the tiled hearth last year. I so regretted doing that because yesterday,I had to scrape the whole lot off as it had peeled. Never again will I do that.
Anyway,here are a few pics

All done and dusted and now time for me to enjoy my little haven.

Now I have some time to visit all of you and maybe some nice linky parties which I have neglected for some time. The links to some of my favourites are on my side bar.
I am going to spend some time visiting blogs I haven't been to before too. I'm quite looking forward to that to get some lovely inspiration.
 Bye for now.
xx jeanette ann
I am visiting A Stroll Thru Life linky party

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sewing room makeover

It's been so long it seems since this room which I so enjoy has had a face lift. So with the walls starting to crack and the paint fading, it was time.
The hardest part of realising this,is the thought of the mess and preperation.
The ceilings in our 1910 home are 3.5mtrs high,so at our age quite a daunting task to balance on tippy toes on top of a lader. Then it was decided we had to get in the professionals.
The plasterer has just completed his part and we were amazed at the quote of $200,bargain.
A friend had used him and said he was excellent.
Now to find a painter.
The fun part for me was do I stay with the lovely blue already there or have a change. I decided to stay with the blue as it is so restful and goes lovely with a cream trim.
I think the window frame will be painted cream too like the skirting boards.
When we got the windows replaced,it was decided to stain the window frame,but on reflection I think they need to be cream or antique white it's called.

I have put an undercoat on some tables and a bookcase and will top coat in the antique white when I do the trims after the painter has done the ceiling and walls. I am so excited about seeing the finished result.

A few years back we got some built in shelves for my sewing machine and all the storage. I have found them to be exellent so will keep them. I have been toying with the idea of getting some sort of bifold doors in front of them,but that's a little down the track. One thing at a time.

Well I will be back when the painter has been to show you the next stage

I hope you are having a lovely week and enjoying crafting or decorating or whatever makes you happy bye for now and hope to be back to blogging on a regular basis. I have neglected it for far too long

xx jeanette 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Garden in the heat

Well Summer is finally taken hold 34c today. The garden is a picture and I've deheaded,snipped and tidied. Planted petunias and some lovely little mauve ground covers,forgot the name already. I can never remember names. As long as they are pretty it doesn't matter.
Our son put shade cloth over the pergola which I was hoping not, but the climbing roses haven't covered it as much as I would have liked by now. The Summers are so hot I think the roses will welcome the respite. The hollyhocks were really tall this year stretching about 10ft up and blooming like mad. I had to pull out a few as they were shading other flowers too much. I hate pulling out anything even when it looks like it's dying. I always feel it may come to life again.

We planted mixed cornflowers this year and they said on the label they grow to 60cms but they are at leas 70. They are pretty though.
The Hydrangeas are just beautiful and doing so well, pinks through to mauve.
I bought some new roses this year too, Jane McGrath,Red Cross and a Graham Thomas which will be a small climber, oh and a Blue Moon climber, all doing well so far.

The veggie patch has produced well over Winter with broccoli,peas,lettuce being the best.
I'm trying corn this Summer which seems to be growing well and also capsicum, green beans (which always do well here) peas,lettuce,baby squash,cherry tomatoes and Bounty tomatoes which I have planted in pots this year as I don't have a huge veggie garden. In Winter I tried the new Winter tomato plant,but it turned black all up the stems so I pulled them all out. I was frightened to plant the Summer ones in the ground in case the same thing happened. They say you shouldn't plant the same plant in the same place in the following years otherwise it carries on the deseases. Oh and all the herbs are doing well.

I kept the seed heads from last years Sun Flowers and they are all up and starting to flower.

It looks like we are getting a cool change coming through thank goodness. It well be a welcome relief
for the garden. I lost a few seedlings on the weekend even though I tried to keep them moist. I should have waited for the cooler day to plant. I can never wait to get them in when I bring them home.

I am having so much trouble posting since I got this Ipad in place of my laptop. 

If anyone can help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. The pictures and writing jump all over the place while i'm writing and it is so time consuming and annoying.

I had better stop now before I throw this thing out the window. Ha Ha .I will try and visit some of my favourite blogs if this thing permits chiou for now jeanette ann 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

More holiday photo's, garden and more

The entrance to our home.
With the weather over Spring having been quite wet, the flowers are so pretty. We don't usually get this weather in November, it's usually quite warm.

Today is a lovely 29c,finally getting Spring


 I love blue and white china,and this plate was chipped, I couldn't throw it away so I stuck it to this flower pot. I like bits of china around the garden don't you?

The window boxes on the appartments in Paris were stunning.

As were the lovely balconies

Who could visit Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower all twinkling at night

This beautiful flower shop was a sight to behold

The Hotel we stayed at in Paris was art deco and the pictures on the wall were gorgeous

The Arc De Triumph It was lovely to pal up with two of the nicest Canadian ladies

This was an amazing childrens shop,very expensive though.

More pics of our gorgeous hotel in Paris. So spoiled.

Wonderful service and food on the cruise down the Rhine
passing through gorgeous little villages in Germany. 
My favourite was Cochem and Bernkastel,where there was time to browse the quaint narrow streets and wonder at the amazing houses leaning on one another. 

This little house in the little street behind the one at the front is the oldest in Germany,love it

The Castle in Germany was out of this world,loved it